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Call for Proposals

2023 Call for Proposals

Annually, the Nebraska Juvenile Justice Association (NJJA) Conference has been host to 300 or more attendees. Our mission is to provide Leadership, Collaboration and Training in the sphere associated with Juvenile Justice. This year NJJA is looking for outstanding programs for presentation in breakout sessions. Our intent is to provide those attending with tools, resources or support options they can take back to their everyday work duties.

Please take a minute to examine the Request For Presenters and bring your program or skill set before hundreds of interested parties. The submittal form be found here.  We look forward to receiving your proposal and taking it through our scoring process. Be proud and excited about the wonderful things you do that you can share with others.

Tammy Sassaman
NJJA Executive Director 

The Nebraska Juvenile Justice Association (NJJA) is pleased to issue a call for presenters for our Annual Conference in Kearney, NE, May 3-5, 2023.

Annually NJJA hosts the largest statewide juvenile justice conference with outstanding keynote presentations, breakout sessions, networking opportunities, and exhibitors. The conference’s focus is to improve the expertise of those working in Nebraska’s juvenile justice system through sessions that bring current research, innovations, and best practice to the field.  A multi-disciplinary audience including direct care staff, supervisors, administrative staff, mental health providers, youth service providers, judges, attorneys, diversion workers, detention staff, law enforcement, probation officers, health and human service workers, educators, and youth attend each year.

The NJJA conference planning committee is seeking interactive workshop presentations that provide participants an opportunity to gain knowledge and tangible skills regarding emerging issues in juvenile justice. Sessions will be 75 minutes in length and should be focused on current research and promising practice in the field of juvenile justice. The committee is interested in presentations that focus on one or more of the following topics; however, we are also open to other innovative presentations. 

  • Adolescent Development
  • Juvenile Justice Evidence-Based and Best Practices and Initiatives  
  • Strength-based and Trauma informed approaches or treatment
  • Racial and Ethnic Disparities
  • Positive Youth and Family Development
  • Impact of social media on youth/addressing social media addiction
  • Detention Alternative and how communities can identify needs and resources
  • Self-care and/or work-life balance
  • Lived experience in the areas of: 
    • Foster parent of youth in system; 
    • Parents adopting a youth with emotional and behavioral concerns---how they push through;
    • How to heal after losing someone to suicide;
    • Living with a parent with an addiction; mental health concern.
  • Truancy and how to address
  • Social Anxiety and coping
  • Teen Bullying
  • Pregnancy Resources
  • Drugs, gangs, and gun violence prevention
  • School issues—finding quality placement, IEP’s, 504 Plans
  • Substance use and mental health
  • Rural area access and availability
  • Helping parents adjust their lives to help youth



All proposed presentations must be submitted online by January 15, 2023.

If submitting more than one proposal, a separate application must be submitted for each workshop.

*Presentations should include session titles and descriptions that are creative, clear, and emphasize why participants should attend your sessions.


The conference begins at 10 am on Wednesday, and ends at noon on Friday. Workshop presenters must be available to present on Wednesday or Thursday of the conference and may be asked to repeat the workshop. NJJA will make every effort to repeat the workshop on the same day, but it is not guaranteed.

Presenters will be responsible for submitting their presentation materials (slides, handouts, etc.) to the Event / Training Coordinator by April 15, 2023. Each session will be set up classroom style and equipped with a head table, projector, screen, podium and microphone. Presenters may request any of the following AV equipment:

  • flip chart and markers
  • power point clicker to advance slides

NJJA strongly encourages presenters to provide reference resources for replicating efforts (sample memorandum of agreement, agency policy or regulation, legislation, toolkits, etc.). Presentation materials will be provided to participants electronically prior to the conference. Speakers will be required to submit materials for inclusion by April 15, 2023. Speakers should arrive 20 minutes prior to their session to ensure all equipment is functioning, etc.