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Omaha Gangs 101 Webinar

December 14, 2022
12pm-1:30pm Central Time (US and Canada)

Presented by: Lt. Marcus Taylor
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This webinar will provide an overview of Gangs to include What is a Gang?, the level of affiliations, culture, and trends we are seeing in Omaha. You will also be provided an overview of the Gang Unit and what we are doing to create positive changes through prevention, intervention, and community policing.

About the presenter: Lt. Marcus Taylor
Lieutenant Taylor served in the Uniform Patrol Bureau for the first three years of his career primarily in the Northeast Precinct; he has been a member of the Rapid Deployment Force since it’s inception in 2008.  In February of 2008, Lieutenant TAYLOR was accepted into the Criminal Investigation Bureau.  After serving in North Investigations, Lieutenant TAYLOR was transferred to the Special Operations Section and spent 7 years serving within various sections of the Omaha Police Gang Unit and Narcotics Unit; during this time he was lead officer in several joint operations with the ATF, DEA, and FBI.   In 2011, Lieutenant TAYLOR was selected to be a task force officer with the Department of Homeland Security and maintained those credentials for 4 years until he was promoted to the position of Sergeant. In June 2015, he was promoted to Sergeant and served in the Northeast Precinct.  In February of 2016 he was accepted back into the Criminal Investigation Bureau and served as a supervisor within Field Investigations, Assault Unit, and Homicide Unit. In March 2019, was assigned to the Executive Service Bureau Training Academy where he was the Field Training Officer Coordinator and In-Service Coordinator for the entire department.  Lieutenant TAYLOR is currently the Commander of the Gang Suppression Unit and assists on the Officer Involved Investigations Team, Peer Support Team with 15 years of CIT experience,Diversity Committee Chairman, and Rapid Deployment Force Chemical Munitions Team Commander.
Lieutenant TAYLOR obtained his Masters Degree in Criminal Justice and Security Administration in the summer of 2011 from the University of Phoenix; he obtained in Bachelors Degree in August 2004 in General Studies with an Emphasis in Health Education; Public Affairs  & Community Service.

Drug Endangered Children Awareness: What Professionals Need to Know Webinar

January 18, 2023
12pm-1:30pm Central Time (US and Canada)

Presented by: Eric Nation & Stacee Reed
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Thousands of children across our country go unidentified, and therefore do not receive necessary care and treatment to heal from the negative impacts of parental or caregiver's substance misuse. The presenters will help participants gain awareness about drug endangered children and the risks they face, as well as understand the many opportunities to identify these youth living in dangerous drug environments. Participants will then learn how to apply a multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach, incorporating unique and often limited resources within a community to better care for drug endangered children.

About the presenters: Eric Nation & Stacee Read

Eric Nation
Lieutenant (Retired) Eric Nation began his career in law enforcement in 1994 where he has held numerous positions, Correctional Officer, Police Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Lieutenant Deputy Sheriff, as was as 6 years in a undercover narcotics unit and then was Commander of that unit for 5 years. Nation helped Nation’s efforts towards Drug Endangered Children in Jasper County earned him the 2009 “On going Victims Service Award,”, the 2011 National Drug Endangered Children Collaborative Leadership Award, participant in the Defending Childhood Initiative and Working Group Meeting on Law Enforcement and Children’s Exposure to Violence – United States Attorney General Eric Holder – Washington D.C., and participated in in the development of IACP’s Enhancing Law Enforcement Response to Children Exposed to Violence project tools and deliverables as a Children Exposed to Violence Advisory Working Group member in Alexandria, VA. start and develop the Jasper County Drug Endangered Children Alliance, is a member of the National DEC Criminal Justice Working Group. Nation is a Certified Core DEC Instructor that has been involved in the training of thousands of professional across United States as a Trainer for the National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children.

Stacee Read
Stacee Read is currently the Director of DEC Network Development and the Child Welfare Expert for National DEC where she is responsible for the development and oversight of State and Tribal DEC Alliances, providing technical assistance to the National DEC network, and curriculum and publication development. Stacee is also a lead trainer and has trained thousands of professionals and community members on topics involving child welfare issues, collaboration and multidisciplinary teams, community development, evidence/information collection, local alliance development, and other specific drug issues. Stacee is co-author and developer of the DEC Approach Training Curriculum, Local DEC Development Facilitation Curriculum, National DEC’s Roadmap and Toolkit, DEC Briefing Training, DEC Guide for Law Enforcement, DEC Guide for Law Enforcement: Key Insights for Partnering, and more. Stacee’s background includes a career within the child welfare field at various levels and in various states. Her experience includes work as a Child Abuse and Neglect Investigator; Associate Ombudsman; Safety Specialist; Institutional Abuse Review Team Leader; and Fatality Review Team Facilitator; and Supervisor, Manager, and Crisis Counselor. Her depth of experience in child welfare issues made her a key member on a number of committees and workgroups such as the Substance Exposed Newborns Steering Committee, the Rural Law Enforcement Meth Initiative, CO Child Protection Ombudsman Advisory Board, and the CDHS Prone Restraint Workgroup. Stacee is most proud of her current work with communities, helping them develop DEC alliances to address the impact of the opioid and substance abuse epidemic on children and families. Stacee works collaboratively with professionals in communities on community assessments, protocols, MOU’s, DEC promising practices, community development and community change.

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