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2023 conference

2023 Annual Conference

Thank you to everyone who made the 2023 NJJA Conference a great success!

26 attended from 4 different facilities with 4 leaders

These Youth were a part of the NJJA conference, attending keynote and breakout sessions, interacting with speakers and stakeholders, being a part of Youth Discussion and Call to Action and attending a reception.  

They reported:

What Does an Ideal Safe and Supportive Person Look Like?

  • Listen
  • Does not try to fix things
  • Has more experience in life
  • Someone who shows they love them and care - grandma <3 
  • Someone who has been through it 
  • The vulnerability is a two-way street 


It is NOT:

  • Someone who breaks your trust
  • “If you are always the superhero in the story they aren’t being real” - everyone has flaws


How Do you Get Through Rough Times?

  • Feel the emotions
  • Cry it out
  • Find support system 
  • Rely on community 
  • Therapy 
  • Dig in - find a change - who/ what can i let go of - what are the next steps i can take
  • Music 


What they learned and loved about the conference:

  • “The suicide breakout session helped me to be more aware”
  • They felt a part of the conference experience
  • Made new friends 
  • The cannabis session “made more people aware of the in versatilities and the positives and negative of uses and was very detailed
  • “I learned that having faith helped you to push through the hard times”
  • “All people have different stories”
  • “I learned to be more cautious on social media”
  • “With the right steps you can get off of rock bottom”
  • “I learned about resources i can used to help me when i go home”

NJJA is excited to host participants in Kearney soon. Download the 2023 Conference Agenda, Session Descriptions and Presenter Biographies here.

2023 Conference Agenda

2023 Keynote and Breakout Descriptions

2023 Presenter Biographies

The NJJA conference is held every year during the first week of May in Kearney, NE. Over the last 40 years our conference has grown to more than 300 attendees.

We provide an opportunity for anyone working with youth involved in the juvenile justice system to learn from, and network with, professionals across prevention, education, juvenile justice, and treatment systems. Our conference includes keynote speakers, breakout sessions and social events. Professional development credits for LMHPs (CEUs), Probation Administration workers (criminogenic hours), and legal professionals (CLEs) are available.