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NJJA Commitment to Excellence in Leadership Award

Nebraska Juvenile Justice Association: Commitment to Excellence in Leadership Award


In September 2011, the Nebraska Juvenile Justice Association established the “Commitment to Excellence in Leadership Award”. The award recognizes an individual in a management capacity, who has demonstrated exemplary leadership in serving youth and families in the juvenile justice profession. Strong leadership is critical to effective change at the individual, organizational and systemic level of juvenile justice in Nebraska.

Award Criteria

Nominations can be submitted by any individual or group who has completed the nomination form addressing the following award criteria:

  1. LEADERSHIP – ability to motivate and inspire others to accomplish a specific goal or objective; this involves an element of risk in order to benefit others.
  2. INITIATIVE – demonstrates ability to take charge by creating or developing a program, project, or activity that impacts the community; has a personal commitment to see the project through to its resolution with determined effort.
  3. CREATIVITY – develops/proposes creative ways to accomplish the goals and objectives of the program, project or activity.
  4. DEDICATION – is recognized by others for being dedicated to achieving the desired results; accomplishes much within the community by his or her pursuit, courage, and enthusiasm.
  5. RECOGNITION – recognized by others for his or her commitment to the success of the program, project, or activity.
  6. INTEGRITY – sets the example by always dealing ethically in all professional relationships and by maintaining the highest personal standards.
  7. INSPIRATION – inspires others to get involved and make a difference in the lives of others.
  8. Provide a minimum of one (1) letter of support, not including the nominating individual or group 


To be eligible to receive the award, the nominee must meet the following criteria:

  1. Function in a management position or higher
  2. Reside in Nebraska
  3. Cannot be an NJJA Board Member – refer to the list of NJJA Board Members

Nomination Process

Nominations for the leadership award are sought from the field approximately three months prior to the annual NJJA conference in May of each year. All nominations should be submitted using the NJJA Nomination form. Nominations will be reviewed and considered according to the award criteria.

Deadline for Nominations

Nomination forms must be completed no later than April 1, 2024. Questions regarding the award, nomination process, or other related issues should be directed to Tammy Sassaman.

Selection Process

The NJJA Conference Awards Subcommittee, consisting of agents/representatives of NJJA and at least one NJJA Board Member, will review and discuss all nominations and submit a recommendation to the NJJA Board for a final approval. The selected recipient and the individual or group who submitted the nomination, will be notified via phone by the NJJA Executive Director or designee. The selected recipient must respond and accept the award from the NJJA representative within 7 days via email or phone call, or another recipient will be selected. NJJA Board Members are not eligible to receive the award.

Award Presentation

The award recipient will be invited to receive the award at the NJJA Conference Luncheon on May 2, 2024, in Kearney, Nebraska. The award recipient will be asked to sign a release form, granting NJJA to use the descriptive material from the nomination form and photos without compensation for the sole purpose of promoting recognition for the recipient, the award and NJJA.

The recipient will be announced to the news media and will receive the following from NJJA:

  1. An engraved plaque
  2. Waived registration fee for the NJJA conference
  3. One night’s lodging
  4. Recognized on the NJJA website as an award recipient
  5. Recognition through local and state media sources